Ways to wear to white year round!

Hey babes! Okay I know I’ve been wearing a lot of white lately. But the looks are just sooo classic and literally go with everything : ) My style has evolved so much over the years, even when I look at older photos, I love seeing how much growth has happened over time.

Every look has a story. This dress represents confidence and class. That’s how I felt the second I put it on! The cool thing about this dress is that it was designed by two sisters (Siyana and Marta of Marcella Moda) who at one point worked in finance and the other studied at Julliard. Super cool, right?! Ultimately their career paths lead them to the big apple where they pursued their fashion design dreams. (yassss!)

“Marcella” was their grandmother’s nickname, who went on to become a prominent Bulgarian designer. WOW!

I remember seeing a black dress they designed on Instagram and thought wow that looks amazing, I bought it, wore it to an event, and loved the soft material the elegant off the shoulder detail. This dress celebrated my curves like nothing else!

If you don’t know, body positivity and female empowerment are my passion! I believe that when women support one another amazing things can happen PLUS there’s no love like self love, so love yourself, including your body!

What gives you that “boost” of confidence? Is it a new dress? An inspiring word from a friend? Comment below!