What I wear on air :: Feeling confident at work

Dress – Macy’s // Shoes – Nine West

Dress – Amazon (click here) // Shoes – BCBG Generation (click here)

Dress && Shoes – Fabrik  Greenville (Click here)


Dress – Macys // Earrings – Kendra Scott (Click here) 

Dress – New York and Company (click here)  // Shoes – Jessica Simpson  (click here)

Hey there! These are some of the looks I have worn while reporting or anchoring  over the past few days. I love wearing bright colors on air. Most of my looks were bought on sale too (woot woot ).

I truly believe that what you wear…. A) speaks to others before you do … but also B) impacts how you feel. 

I like to plan my outfits for work so I can have a smooth flowing morning without any problems. I am a grab and go kind of gal. ha ha 

For work I gravitate towards professional dresses. They are easy to wear, translate well on camera, and honestly just never fail me. 

When it comes to having the confidence at the work place. I find that it is all about having your “head in the game”. Meaning that before you leave to start your work day, you claim that today will be great and that you will have positive thoughts. Then not only are you speaking things to be but also are able to put those words into play. 

Fashion plays a big role in my world. Dressing up gives me a “boost” that I love! 

What about you? What do you like to do to get your confidence in the work place?

Where do you like to shop for professional looks? 

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