New Year, Same Confidence

Hi babes! Happy 2019 : ) 

I love the title for the blog today… New Year, Same Confidence. 

That’s the mindset I am carrying in 2019. Because I find the “new year, new me” idea just stresses me out. Like, I have to change drastically by the time the clock strikes 12 (o_0) as if I’m some modern day Cinderella?! 

Now don’t get me wrong some can see the new year as a chance to grow and evolve into a better version of themselves, but I find the new year to be an extension of the past not a destination. Meaning that the woman I was in 2018 is an extension of the woman I am in 2019. Now, more than ever, especially in 2019, I am focused on self love and confidence. 

In 2019, my #VENUSmoment is… to support organizations and clothing brands that celebrate ALL women and ultimately use their platform to fight against the stereotype that women are beautiful when they are (fill in the blank).

I actually shop for my casual and career looks at Venus because of their diverse models. From background to body shape they take pride in presenting real women! 

 A great example of how I silenced self doubt was when I decided to compete in my first state pageant. I thought for the longest that because I had curves and dark skin that I wouldn’t “fit” the mold. I am actually embarrassed that I thought this way for so long. But, after competing I gained a new level of confidence!  

Being confident in my opinion, isn’t something you can take on and take off like a dress. But it is something you can embody and show the world through your style, personality, and actions.

I feel so fierce in this Venus jumpsuit because purple is my power color.

Confidence tips for 2019

  • Start each day with a new goal : I like to start my days with intention. For example, today today I am going to pitch a creative story at work, or  I am going to run an extra mile at the gym. It could be something simple or something BOLD but see each day as an opportunity!
  • Self love is the best love : Sometimes we forget that in order to love others we (must) love ourselves first! Now, I highlight the things that make me unique and special rather than shame myself for them. For example, I have a big butt, I used to wear clothes that would hide my curves but as an adult I proudly celebrate the body shape that I have! 
  • Be BOLD: This is a big one for me this year. When I say be bold! I mean be intentional about your adventures. This year I want to travel more and learn another language! So in 2019 I am planning trips ahead of time so I can budget and jet set with no worries! 

What about you? How are you planning to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in 2019?