Hey Girl Hey: Turn your worry into wisdom

Hey girl heyyy! We have a new video up! I am so humbled by the love and support you all are showing my new Youtube series. It means so much to me to know that I can create content that helps others!

Today’s topic actually came on my heart earlier in the week. I am overcoming some personal struggles myself and made it my mission to regain control over my reaction and thoughts.

So I titled today’s video “turning your worry into wisdom” .

So often we find ourselves wanting to avoid hardships and difficulties or we go through them and think “why did this have to happen to me” or “what could I have done differently so none of this would have happened”.

Those are valid questions and bring about valid emotions too. Take the time to “feel” that and then step out of that space… because the way you (need) to think about your situation is not in that “woe is me” mind frame, sis.

Rather than thinking “oh no why is this happening” I challenge you to say “What can I learn from this”?

Sis… lets be clear, you have to learn that everyone doesn’t think or have the same heart as you. Another lesson, when someone shows you who they are… believe them! Even in a job situation if you find yourself struggling in your career, use the same energy that you’re putting into worrying and feeling down to instead think about your goals and dreams, what will make (you) happy in the end.

I know as young adults, we have a lot of pressure on us from society, our families, the list goes on. More often than not we wake up to a never ending check list… but rarely “check in” on ourselves.

I started therapy recently, it was way overdue sis, but its helped me reach this space of being open and transparent about my struggles and in turn help others.

You see I am wired to nurture and help. I love when someone writes me and says because of you .. I didn’t give up. I am not looking at it from a praise or accolade perspective, I just have a heart for others and want to see others reach their full potential. So even thought I’ve gone through things and now can look at worry as a way to gain wisdom, I want to inspire others to do that!

Life is a journey, every high and low has its purpose, everything is going to be ok sis!

How changing your mindset, can change your life! Turn worry into wisdom.