FITNESS: How to stay healthy with a busy schedule

Hey babes! Now is the perfect time to commit to your fitness goals and make it happen! Based on the replies I got from you all on social media, this post is all about ways you can stay fit with a busy schedule!

For me, I’ve worked a morning and night schedule in my broadcast career. Meaning that I have been able to go into work at 2am and workout at noon , but I’ve also gone to work out at 10am before going into work at 2pm.

When it comes to fitness and the craziness of life, its all about balance!

Sometimes I don’t always make it to the gym (my trainer will text me too ha ha ) and I love having that accountability factor, but realistically life happens and I have to miss a class.

When that happens I will go to my Pinterest board where I save workout templates and videos that I can do at my home gym so I can still work up a sweat.

Many of you were asking about my ab workouts. At the gym we do a mixture of cross fit, body weight, lifting, and boot camp style workouts.

If I am working out from home, I love finding new routines to help build muscle definition.

This is one of my ab workouts that I like. I got this from Pinterest and will do each rep by using the time app on my I-phone and at the end I might throw in some cardio to round out the routine.

I am also focused on building my arms. I’m trying to be like Michelle Obama okayyyy! This is a workout template that I have on my board as well, and its a great arm workout to try at home!

Fitness and weight management is mostly about what you EAT! I had to learn that the hard way y’all. I would think that I could eat whatever I wanted and then workout and see results. . . now keep in mind, every body type is different but for me I HAD to tackle my eating habits and control my portions in order to see results.

When it comes to eating I go off a pretty relaxed but realistic schedule, where I eat meal preps during the week and on the weekends I eat whatever my little southern heart desires!

I believe that in order to change your body and commit to fit, you HAVE to be realistic with your goal setting and that includes what you eat.

I go back and forth between ordering my meal preps and doing them myself.

When it comes to having a busy schedule and wanting to be fit, my best advice would be

  • Write down your fitness goals and commit
  • Find the right gym and trainer for YOU! Your personality and fitness level all have to be considered when looking for a gym class or trainer to commit to!
  • Find 30 to 45 minutes, 3 days a week to workout. Whether its at a class or at home. FIND THE TIME!
  • Tackle your eating. Its not something you can do overnight, but make small changes and overtime you can reach your goals and better your health through healthy eating.

I linked my Pinterest board here again for you babes to check out and see what I have that can help you!

What are your fitness goals currently and what are you doing to make it happen?