First Impression: Becca Cosmetics Foundation + Primer


Hi there! So here’s the deal — I’ve been on the hunt for a great matte finish foundation for the longest and while I have gotten lucky and found some products that would last a few hours, I have also found some that I just can’t believe I wasted my money on (sad face emoji).

 I actually started buying from Becca Cosmetics a few months ago when I bought their highlighter called “Champagne Pop” — which I am in love with btw!

While shopping at Sephora recently I saw that the Becca line also had a matte foundation and primer so I bought the foundation in the color sienna along with the primer! Honestly these products were not cheap… but I have heard great things about the company and saw some online reviews about the foundation and thought I would give it a try! 


Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation BUY  | Ever Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer BUY  

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