Collaboration over competition and Why it’s important.

I am literally smiling as I write this post, because this topic is close to my heart. 

We live in a world where you can literally do anything!  The digital age and world of  social media has completely changed the game. 

I believe now more than ever is the time to collaborate and celebrate each other in whatever it is that you do. 

This way of thinking was solidified when I went to a Blogger Brunch recently through Greenville Fashion Week

The amount of talent and creativity in one room would make anyone want to go into “grind mode”

Everyone invited to the brunch has connections to the Carolina’s.

Serving a range of audiences, from fashion to lifestyle to motivation. 

The brunch took place at one of Greenville’s beautiful roof top spots called Jianna’s 

All together, we talked about our blogs, what we do with our platforms and voice, and our goals. The conversations were magical as we shared ideas, swapped contacts, and more. 


Not being afraid to connect with someone or collaborate. You never know what could come from working together on a project or idea! Be willing to step out, work together, and support. 

I had the pleasure of knowing some of the ladies and gents at the blogger brunch beforehand, through social media interaction but it was so special to meet them in person. 

I challenge you to find a meet up for creatives in your area and be open to networking and collaborating with others who are excited about content creation too! 

My motto is collaboration OVER competition. Everyone can win! 

Hope this post inspires you! 

Photos by – Spencer Stanton & Clifford Pate