Hey Girl Hey: Choose your circle, like you choose your selfie

Hey girl heyyyyy! We have a new video up!

Today we’re discussing the importance of checking your circle and being aware of the people and energy that you have around you!

Think about how meticulous we are with our selfies… we snap, edit, look again, make another edit, and then share it with the world as a way of putting our “best foot forward”.

Imagine if you had that same attitude towards your social circle. You know, really step back and take a look at the people in your life!

So I titled today’s video “Choose your circle, like you choose your selfie!”

The three types of people that everyone should have in their circle are….

  • Positive Patty: She’s the friend who always finds the “good” in any situation and can lift your spirits on contact!

  • Truthful Tracy: She’s the friend who keeps it 100, even if you’re not ready for it (ha ha)! Giving you that real and raw advice and often reaffirming what you already know in your heart.

  • Boss Betty: She’s the friend who is literally GOALS! She closes deals, goes after what she wants, and inspires everyone around her to get on their “Diddy” grind!

We as people are always evolving and I love how each season in life helps you to grow and become a better version of yourself!

COMMENT: How do you feel about this? Do you have the (3) friends in your social circle?