Aubrey speaks on self care and self love during pop up event for millennials.

"Self care is so much more than spa days and vacations" Speaker Aubrey Jackson shares how choosing yourself isn't selfish but necessary.
Aubrey pictures with the organizers of the self love suburb pop up event

Suburb Pop, a pop event company that highlights all things local, based out of Tampa Bay, put together an amazing self love event for millennials and young professionals at Aloft Tampa rooftop.

During the event, Aubrey along with three other panelists discussed their experience with self care and what self love means to them as young women in their respective careers and life paths.

Check out the video below to see what Aubrey had to say.

Aubrey purchased an outfit to wear as a panelist, in support of local boutique Maverick Collection featured at the event.
Aubrey pictured with DJ Lo.
Aubrey pictured with fellow panelist discussing self love and self care for millennials.